Sunday, August 23, 2009

whew! it was a hot one! 3.4 mi. now, I am starting p90x. Core today. wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sorry Friends!!

Sorry for the lost time, friends. I have been uber busy and haven't been writing down hardly a thing, which has led to me thinking I'm probably done with these shoes, but not knowing for sure. I'm not that smart.

Anyhoo! In great news, I was accepted into the Brooks ID program over the weekend! I am officially a Brooks ID runner and I'm damn proud of it!

So, this is short, and I'm going to c/p my blog entry from my sweat365 blog (part of the Brooks stuff) to save time. Gotta head over to buckeyeoutdoors to post my shiz to that too. I may not be able to keep all these up. I will try to continue this blog for sure, but my apologies if the entries become more spaced out. School starts again Monday. Damn!


Loaded up my backpack (the one I won at work yesterday!) before work with what I thought was all my running gear. After work I realized I forgot my hat. Not good since it was 6p and the sun was beating down. I headed out on the trail that runs behind the mall and did 4 mi. It was tough with very little shade and the sweat pouring in my eyes, not to mention the chest cold I've been fighting for a week. Needless to say, it wasn't the most enjoyable.

When I came home, I found the lawn still hadn't been mowed. My roommates suck ;). I had a customer tell me there were going to be storms tonight so I got out the mower. I still had on my Garmin, so I ran it while I mowed. Turns out it takes me 1:05 and I walked 1.08 miles. Pushing a bazillion year old push mower that weighs a lot and doesn't have self propel. Our lawn is hilly so I got a core workout, which was nice!

Okay, enough rambling.

Run on!