Sunday, December 7, 2008


So the end of the semester is approaching. I have not been running very regularly, mostly because running is time consuming and it takes away from studying. Grad school is shitterific but I will try my best to continue spacing through 5K training and when we start marathon training in a couple months I won't miss a beat. 

Anyway, until then, read titslist. She's hilarious.

Monday, October 20, 2008

So, today the weather in Omaha was beautiful. This is not a picture of Omaha, but it was a nice day when I took this photo at Gooseberry Falls, MN.

Anywho, nice day = run outside! So I laced them up and headed out. Ran 3.34 miles through Elmwood Park. I ran at a pretty decent clip and everything felt fine. Nothing more than typical hip flexor tightness. Anyway, in one week I have a really fun time - 5 exams in 5 days. This is why posts have been so sporadic and will likely continue to be so for the next two weeks.

So, enjoy your runs ladies. Enjoy this beautiful fall we are having because soon it will be winter and freezing.

Run on!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Well, I didn't get jack done over the past week. We finished off our 6 test spree with one each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday I had lab all morning and was in the clinic in the afternoon. Friday and Saturday I spent the day in Lincoln learning all about knee injuries, which was actually pretty cool, from this guy. He's brilliant and a really great teacher. Sunday Jess and I went on the windiest bike ride ever. But we broke a sweat and that's all that matters.

So, on Saturday one of my professors noticed that I was pronating badly. I was wearing my running shoes and orthotics. Needless to say, it was time for a switch. Today I went to Peak Performance and got these bad boys. Mizuno Wave Inspire 4. They are a stability shoe for mild to moderate overpronators. They have cushion, which I like, and a larger toe box. I tried on about 7 pairs of shoes and liked these the best. I side-by-side'd them with the Asics Kayano and they had similar cushion, but these had a roomier toe box. So tomorrow, I will run in them and let you know how they work.

Lastly, some frightening news. Tomorrow for lab we have to measure body fat percentage. I am terrified of those damn calipers! Oh well, judgement day awaits.

Run on!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The injury, the lack of exercise, blech

So I saw my professor yesterday to check out my back. Apparently I have what is called a "posteriorly tilted pelvis" on the left side as compared to the right. As you can see from the photo I posted below, your pelvis (hip bones) is actually 2 separate bones called "coxa". The left one is tipped backwards towards my back and the right one is in its normal position. This is causing me to have a ton of pain when I lean backwards ("extension"). Anywho, she did some rotation adjustment mobilizations and gave me some exercises. So I'm hoping to be better soon.

Tomorrow is the Race for the Cure. I have run in this race in Omaha 4 times now and I will attempt to run it a fifth time tomorrow. The back is NOT completely better, but I will probably try to run anyway. 3.1 miles isn't too bad, especially b/c it's relatively flat.

Well, that's all I have. Bummer to be hurt and have to take time off from running, but I will be getting back at it ASAP. Run on friends!


Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Saturday morning was the Omaha Mile. It was so fun! Jess (97) and I (76 - in the white long sleeve-t) ran hung over with my sister Maren and Katja and Airon from school. It was a fast 7:30 mile (I hung back with the girl with asthma who was last, I know exactly what it's like to be left behind) and was definitely worth getting up at 7 after Oktoberfest for. We also got really sweet technical shirts!

Unfortunately, we had a flag football game on Sunday and I was awesome enough to throw out my back like a middle aged man. So, the running is on hold. I wish everyone who continues to get out there and train the best of luck. I am seeing one of my professors who is an Orthopaedic Certified Specilist later this week to make sure its all ok. Plan is to restart running when I can bend over without pain.

Keep on running, friends!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Back to the daily grind...

Well, it was back to it today. I had a busy weekend, which left zero time for my training. So today, I hopped back on the treadmill and ran 3 miles. I was rushed for time a little because I accidentally hit the Emergency Stop button half way through my workout and the treadmill I was running on takes FOREVER to reset. And I only had an hour. Anywho, the run went ok. I've been wearing a stretchy tank over my purple bra (which I spill out the side of) for extra support and it's been going pretty well. Its hot though. My shins hurt a little, but not bad and my left hip was stiff afterwards, but overall I feel pretty good. 

I'm super hungry now. I'm going to mix up some spaghetti and marinara and head to the bookstore to study. I'm going to look for a new workout/eating journal. Will post results. The one I'm using now is just for 2008.

Run on!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Week 1 Marathon Training Begins

So I was supposed to run 1-2 mi Sunday but spent the day studying. So instead, I ran 1.5 mi on Monday (a scheduled rest / XT day). My right lower leg bothered me the entire time. I stretched it out pretty well afterward and the rest of the day it was fine.

Tuesday I was supposed to run 3 mi but I accidentally left my runner's log at home and couldn't remember. I planned on running 2 but when I got on the treadmill my shins and calves started hurting again. They're getting pretty sore from just running on the treadmill. I'm thinking I better get out and run outside here pretty quick. Regardless I only ran 1 mi, which was tough on the legs. 

Wednesday I got up at 6 and ran 3 miles outside on the trail. I was still sore, but overall, it went MUCH better than before. It also gave me adequate energy to get me thru studying all day long. Plus, the weather was BEAUTIFUL.

Which brings me to today. I feel bad that I started this blog and haven't even been updating it everyday, but I had 3 exams this week. All of which were equally difficult. Regardless, I made it through them. Survived to strive another day!

Today I'm scheduled to do an easy 3-4 mi run. However, it's Thursday and Taco Ride. That and I'm absolutely exhausted from getting little sleep and studying 24/7 this week. I might go on the ride tonight (a 20ish mi bike ride) but if not, I'll just run tomorrow, a scheduled rest day.

I really am going to need to invest in a new sports bra, and soon. I currently use a CW-X firm support sports bra (seen at the top portion of the blog - I cannot figure out how to put them in the middle of writing) which works very well. I have yet to find a bra with the "coverage" I need, but this one keeps the girls from bouncing erratically. Which is WONDERFUL.

Anywho, I have a million things to do yet, so I shall wrap this up. Good luck on your runs!

Run on!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


So Monday starts marathon training. I am training for the P.F. Chang's Rock & Roll Marathon in Phoenix. I'm not sure if I will actually run it or not, but it gives me a date to shoot for. I am so bad at running consistently when I don't have a goal to work towards. So anywho, keep checking back to see how that goes.

I've been running a little every day to get prepared to start the actual training schedule. I looked into a 10K program because I knew it would help start me slow. I started Wednesday Sept 3rd. Here's how it has looked so far:

9.3 : 1.5 mi - felt fat and unhappy. Putting on my sports bra sucks right now, I've gained some weight since I bought it and it is the only one I have that holds them down so it's extremely tight and difficult to put on and take off.
9.4 : Taco Ride! 2+ mi ride to school and 20 mi bike ride to and from Mineola, IA. If you've never heard of this (or aren't from Omaha), check it out. It's been running forever.
9.5 : rest. I was so sore after the taco ride. I sometimes forget and ride my bike really hard and then pay for it in the legs the next few days
9.6 : 1 mi
9.7 : rest. Was supposed run 1-2 mi easy, but I think I was busy studying or something.
9.8 : 1.23 mi. Man I love Map My Run. This was supposed to be a rest day, but since I slacked off on Sunday, I made up for it today.
9.9 : ~2 mi speedy walk. We had a VO2 max lab today for my therapeutic exercise class. We had to do these exertion tests and they were really hard! I did about a mile on the treadmill at differing speeds and elevations and then had to walk a mile as fast as I could. Haven't done the lab work yet to figure out how in shape I am but I can tell you now, I'm not. I was sore after this one too.
9.10 : 1 mi run + walk. Jess and I started working out together today. After yesterday in lab, we made a pact to get on it at lunch every day if we could.
9.11 : 2 mi on the treadmill. Ran hard.
9.12 : 1 mi + arm weights (biceps curls, triceps & rows). Third day in a row it has rained. Been a glum week.
9.13 : rest. That's today! I am studying my butt off for 3 exams next week so I am taking opportunity of this scheduled rest day to do random stuff and study.

I use Hal Higdon's book "How To Train" for most of my training schedules (including this 10K one and marathon one). I have used the Runner's World website in the past.

I better get back to my studies now. Stay tuned and run on!


Welcome everyone! I am just beginning this blog as sort of a side-project in my ever-crazed life filled with friends, family and school.

My name is Megan and I am a top heavy runner. I searched online for a blog that would give information about women runners who weren't necessarily built like other runners but honestly, all I found were porn blogs. This is NOT a porn blog. This is just a blog for running girls to gather and share their thoughts. 

Also! I am starting a marathon training program on Monday, and will try to keep this blog updated as I progress through it. My past running experience has been high school cross country (5+ years ago)and the occasional road race. The longest distance I have raced at is 13.1 mi and the longest distance I have trained to was 14 mi. We bigger chested girls can do it! It just sometimes takes 2 sports bras.

Run on!