Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Since I've been gone...

So I haven't been updating...or checking blogger...or recording any runs or anything. This is what happens when I go off of a training program and just run for fun. Those days have flown by with school, work and other things taking up a ton of time, I haven't had much time for structured runs. Mostly just heading out and running for a bit to clear my mind and then coming back to the real world. However, that time is coming to an end. In 5 and a half short weeks, we have the Kansas City Marathon Relay. Five of my classmates and I got a team together, named it after one of our favorite teachers, and are headed down to run in our first marathon relay.

Ladies & Gentlemen, the man in question, Bob Fuchs:

Our team name is "The Fuchsinators." Bob is an avid cyclist, and I'm hoping I can convince the guys to run in helmets, as Alison, Katja and I have already decided to do so.

All five of us are runners, 3 marathoners (myself included!!) and 2 half marathoners. The five legs are as follows:

#1 – 3.3 miles – Kessler & Memorial Drive West (entrance to Liberty Memorial)
#2 – 5.8 miles – Ward Parkway & JC Nichols Parkway
#3 – 4.0 miles – half marathon point Westover Rd. & Summit St.
#4– 6.9 miles – Mile 20 Volker Blvd. just east of Oak St.
#5– 6.2 miles - Finish

Today we did a few games of chance to determine the legs. I decided that the boys, if willing, should run the longer legs to give us a faster time. There's no way to know how well we could potentially do, but why not do the best we can? So Matt and Curt took 6.9 and 6.2 respectively and the rest of us girls flipped a coin to determine who would run which leg. I ended up with the 3rd leg, 4.0 miles. So now, I'm training for a 4 mile race! I'm going to look up some sweet speed workouts and see just how fast I can get.

Today I went out and ran/walked 30 minutes. It was pretty hot out, so I didn't push too hard. Also, I made the idiotic mistake to wear black. Alas. I will now watch the aforementioned via photo Scrubs and try to learn everything I can about spinal radiology (read: x-rays, CT, MRI) for tomorrow's quiz. Been back in school 2.5 weeks and I've had something like 10 or so tests & quizzes, not to mention all the busy work. Bollocks!

Run Happy! Run on!