Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I know, I'm a bad blogger

I've never been a good blogger. Well maybe freshman year of college when my free time seemed endless and my LiveJournal was hoppin. Alas, working on a doctorate has taken most of my time from me. I am still running, albeit not that fast. In any case here's a short update:

In October I finished up classwork FOR-EV-ER! I headed out into the pseudo-(or sudo for you real nerds)real world. I started my first full time clinical at a Balance and Mobility clinic seeing mainly geriatric folks with balance and endurance problems. I've had a few neurological patients (this is a neuro rotation, afterall) but mostly balance and mobility patients - huh, imagine that! In my spare time, I've been getting back together with my ex, running (see DirtDawg's 35th episode). Started with runs after work until the time changed and it got hella dark by the time I made it home. So I broke down and got a membership to the Y. Spent a couple weeks battling the treadmills until my shins couldn't handle it anymore. Took a long weekend w/o running so they could heal up and am now running on the track above the gym while I (maybe - haven't decided yet) ease back onto the treadmill. The Santa Shuffle is in two weeks and I'll be running the 2 mile race. I don't think I'd have any problem running the 5 mile, but I'm worried about running 5 miles in cold weather without much cold weather training. Then maybe R'N'R Arizona in January - the half. I start work at a sweet sports clinic in Scottsdale, AZ on Jan 4th.

Anyhoo that's all I've got. See ya on the flip side!

Run on!