Monday, October 20, 2008

So, today the weather in Omaha was beautiful. This is not a picture of Omaha, but it was a nice day when I took this photo at Gooseberry Falls, MN.

Anywho, nice day = run outside! So I laced them up and headed out. Ran 3.34 miles through Elmwood Park. I ran at a pretty decent clip and everything felt fine. Nothing more than typical hip flexor tightness. Anyway, in one week I have a really fun time - 5 exams in 5 days. This is why posts have been so sporadic and will likely continue to be so for the next two weeks.

So, enjoy your runs ladies. Enjoy this beautiful fall we are having because soon it will be winter and freezing.

Run on!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Well, I didn't get jack done over the past week. We finished off our 6 test spree with one each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday I had lab all morning and was in the clinic in the afternoon. Friday and Saturday I spent the day in Lincoln learning all about knee injuries, which was actually pretty cool, from this guy. He's brilliant and a really great teacher. Sunday Jess and I went on the windiest bike ride ever. But we broke a sweat and that's all that matters.

So, on Saturday one of my professors noticed that I was pronating badly. I was wearing my running shoes and orthotics. Needless to say, it was time for a switch. Today I went to Peak Performance and got these bad boys. Mizuno Wave Inspire 4. They are a stability shoe for mild to moderate overpronators. They have cushion, which I like, and a larger toe box. I tried on about 7 pairs of shoes and liked these the best. I side-by-side'd them with the Asics Kayano and they had similar cushion, but these had a roomier toe box. So tomorrow, I will run in them and let you know how they work.

Lastly, some frightening news. Tomorrow for lab we have to measure body fat percentage. I am terrified of those damn calipers! Oh well, judgement day awaits.

Run on!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The injury, the lack of exercise, blech

So I saw my professor yesterday to check out my back. Apparently I have what is called a "posteriorly tilted pelvis" on the left side as compared to the right. As you can see from the photo I posted below, your pelvis (hip bones) is actually 2 separate bones called "coxa". The left one is tipped backwards towards my back and the right one is in its normal position. This is causing me to have a ton of pain when I lean backwards ("extension"). Anywho, she did some rotation adjustment mobilizations and gave me some exercises. So I'm hoping to be better soon.

Tomorrow is the Race for the Cure. I have run in this race in Omaha 4 times now and I will attempt to run it a fifth time tomorrow. The back is NOT completely better, but I will probably try to run anyway. 3.1 miles isn't too bad, especially b/c it's relatively flat.

Well, that's all I have. Bummer to be hurt and have to take time off from running, but I will be getting back at it ASAP. Run on friends!