Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lazy Lazy Lazy Haleconey

So I was going to BS my way through this post. Not lying necessarily, just withholding some information. Truth is, I have been slacking WAAAAY off. I got busy, and then lazy. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT take 3 weeks off. Ever. Biggest mistake I’ve made in quite some time. Today I went out to do 8 miles after not running since two days after my marathon (3 miles on June 29th for anyone counting), finished just under 6 miles and felt like shit the whole time. My lungs refused to cooperate. I of all people know how quick you can lose all the “in-shape”ness (by the way? It’s two weeks) and yet, I let myself just get lazy. Lazy in mind and body. Well, that’s over. After today, I will never let myself do that again. In other news, my foot still bugs me, but I think it’s the uneven terrain aka slanted sidewalk because it tends to feel better when I switch to the flatter grass. It was raining this morning when I got up at 7 to do my run, and Jaclyn’s dad has my raincoat so I decided to wait until after work. When I went in it was cool and cloudy with sporadic rain. When I got off at 4:30, it was sunny and 86. Lovely. Anyway, tomorrow I have speedwork, which I will be getting up at 7 to do before it get’s too hot. I’ll still probably throw up.

Oh yeah, this is the start of my training program for the Omaha half marathon. Woo!

Run on and run happy!


Kim said...

I love your label...dumbassedness!

I too have been taking a break. Not 3 weeks worth...but I can't get motivated for crap! I have been doing things here and there-but not like I'm supposed to. Just starting to get back on track. So here's to getting out there again!

Laughing Through the Tears said...

I gave my dad your address and he should be sending it soon.