Saturday, September 13, 2008


So Monday starts marathon training. I am training for the P.F. Chang's Rock & Roll Marathon in Phoenix. I'm not sure if I will actually run it or not, but it gives me a date to shoot for. I am so bad at running consistently when I don't have a goal to work towards. So anywho, keep checking back to see how that goes.

I've been running a little every day to get prepared to start the actual training schedule. I looked into a 10K program because I knew it would help start me slow. I started Wednesday Sept 3rd. Here's how it has looked so far:

9.3 : 1.5 mi - felt fat and unhappy. Putting on my sports bra sucks right now, I've gained some weight since I bought it and it is the only one I have that holds them down so it's extremely tight and difficult to put on and take off.
9.4 : Taco Ride! 2+ mi ride to school and 20 mi bike ride to and from Mineola, IA. If you've never heard of this (or aren't from Omaha), check it out. It's been running forever.
9.5 : rest. I was so sore after the taco ride. I sometimes forget and ride my bike really hard and then pay for it in the legs the next few days
9.6 : 1 mi
9.7 : rest. Was supposed run 1-2 mi easy, but I think I was busy studying or something.
9.8 : 1.23 mi. Man I love Map My Run. This was supposed to be a rest day, but since I slacked off on Sunday, I made up for it today.
9.9 : ~2 mi speedy walk. We had a VO2 max lab today for my therapeutic exercise class. We had to do these exertion tests and they were really hard! I did about a mile on the treadmill at differing speeds and elevations and then had to walk a mile as fast as I could. Haven't done the lab work yet to figure out how in shape I am but I can tell you now, I'm not. I was sore after this one too.
9.10 : 1 mi run + walk. Jess and I started working out together today. After yesterday in lab, we made a pact to get on it at lunch every day if we could.
9.11 : 2 mi on the treadmill. Ran hard.
9.12 : 1 mi + arm weights (biceps curls, triceps & rows). Third day in a row it has rained. Been a glum week.
9.13 : rest. That's today! I am studying my butt off for 3 exams next week so I am taking opportunity of this scheduled rest day to do random stuff and study.

I use Hal Higdon's book "How To Train" for most of my training schedules (including this 10K one and marathon one). I have used the Runner's World website in the past.

I better get back to my studies now. Stay tuned and run on!

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