Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Week 1 Marathon Training Begins

So I was supposed to run 1-2 mi Sunday but spent the day studying. So instead, I ran 1.5 mi on Monday (a scheduled rest / XT day). My right lower leg bothered me the entire time. I stretched it out pretty well afterward and the rest of the day it was fine.

Tuesday I was supposed to run 3 mi but I accidentally left my runner's log at home and couldn't remember. I planned on running 2 but when I got on the treadmill my shins and calves started hurting again. They're getting pretty sore from just running on the treadmill. I'm thinking I better get out and run outside here pretty quick. Regardless I only ran 1 mi, which was tough on the legs. 

Wednesday I got up at 6 and ran 3 miles outside on the trail. I was still sore, but overall, it went MUCH better than before. It also gave me adequate energy to get me thru studying all day long. Plus, the weather was BEAUTIFUL.

Which brings me to today. I feel bad that I started this blog and haven't even been updating it everyday, but I had 3 exams this week. All of which were equally difficult. Regardless, I made it through them. Survived to strive another day!

Today I'm scheduled to do an easy 3-4 mi run. However, it's Thursday and Taco Ride. That and I'm absolutely exhausted from getting little sleep and studying 24/7 this week. I might go on the ride tonight (a 20ish mi bike ride) but if not, I'll just run tomorrow, a scheduled rest day.

I really am going to need to invest in a new sports bra, and soon. I currently use a CW-X firm support sports bra (seen at the top portion of the blog - I cannot figure out how to put them in the middle of writing) which works very well. I have yet to find a bra with the "coverage" I need, but this one keeps the girls from bouncing erratically. Which is WONDERFUL.

Anywho, I have a million things to do yet, so I shall wrap this up. Good luck on your runs!

Run on!

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