Wednesday, January 28, 2009

cool = coughing

Had 2 miles to run today. Went to the gym after class, at 3:00. Place was packed. It's a popular time in the gym, apparently. All the treadmills were taken and I wanted to run then so I could get home and chill for awhile before studying. So I headed to the gym. Twenty-four laps later and just over 18 minutes later I was done. Walked and stretched. Shins were a little sore before, and oddly enough, my ankles were hurting a little. Made stretching slightly difficult. Eitherway, got it done and out.

Haven't been able to go look at sports bras. I am hoping to on Friday. Also I learned about SI belts today. Well I already knew about them, but we talked about them in class too.

Future blog post? Probably.

Run on!

UPDATE: I realize the title doesn't make sense because I didn't explain it. The air in the gym was cool and whenever I run in cooler air I cough for about three hours.

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