Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shins! Incline! %#@!

Well, on to week 2 of half marathon training. I figured out the hills for Lincoln:

Mile 2 - LONG hill (1.5 mi)
Mile 4.5 - harder hill (1 mi)
Mile 8 - small short hill
Mile 9 - HARD short hill

I've heard horror stories about the hill at mile 9. Sounds super. Anyway, I added incline to my treadmill runs early. If I can't run outside up and down the glorious hills of Omaha, I will just have to do it that way. The longest I've run on an incline is 1 mile (thus far) and today I upped the incline to 3%. Whew! It was tough. My shins were screaming and I am now experiencing my first pain secondary to the girls. SI pain. It didn't last though, I stretched out my back a little extra and it really helped. The problem is, when I have short runs I usually do them at lunch. Then I go back to class. Today I ran my tail off and then went and sat in a chair for 3 hours during my neuro lecture. So I needed a little extra stretching afterward. Anyway, if anyone has some SI pain here's a handy stretch that might just help! Lie on your back (supine) and pull your knees to your chest one at a time. Hold the knee to your chest while your other leg is extended flat (as you can) on the floor. Hold 30-45 seconds, or whatever's comfy. After doing both legs see how you feel.
(disclaimer: this is not a substitute for medical advice from a medical professional seen in person. PLEASE! If you feel you are seriously hurt, consult your doctor or PT.)

Anyway, off from running tomorrow, so I will probably hop on the bike at the gym. During lunch as always. I have 3 exams next week so I will definitely be pressed for time. Eek!

Oh, everyone check out Daily Mile. I signed up last week and it's a great online way to keep track of your training and connect with others running in  your area. I also was contacted by Just Finish! (the starter followed me on twitter), which is a really nice website for meeting other runners and getting support from other runners who just want to finish their races! I know that I mainly compete against myself (and the occasional runner I reallllly want to pass) and so this is a great site.

Ok, I'm done rambling on. I better get back to my homework.

Please find me and run on!

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