Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Run in circles...

Quick update, because it's 1) LATE!! 2) I have to be up EARLY!! and 3) I'm having a boring day.

Ran 3 miles on the TM today. Simulated slight hill at mile 2 (just like Lincoln) again. Made it 3/4 mile before I got bored as shit and went back to 0% and upped the speed. I can't wait for it to warm up. Running on the treadmill is so boring. I went through my notes for tomorrow's test in under 20 min, which screwed up my vision/proprioception/awareness/ability to run looking up and out the window. Focusing on the papers in front of me whilst running is hard to transition into looking ahead when running. I liken it to looking at the ground when running as compared to looking ahead. I cannot switch between the two without feeling like crap for awhile.

Anyhoo, back to the run today. I had a little acid shoulder (left this time) and my SI keeps getting knocked outta whack. I think I will have to dig out my SI belt to wear when I'm running from now on. Also, my sports bra (yeah the one and only) is getting stretched out. Not in the chestage region, but the straps are a little. Aka, the girls are bouncing more than normal. May be contributing to my finicky SI. So I am headed to Scheels tomorrow (or Dick's - haven't decided) to see what I can find. If I go to Scheel's I'll just get another CW-X bra (it's the only one in the whole store that fit last time...well fit is a relative term. I digress.). If I go to Dick's I'll have to explore options. Either way, I'll let you know how it goes.

I have 2 miles tomorrow, on the treadmill as snow is in the forecast and I don't feel like subjecting my lungs to that just yet. I'm an L7 weenie when it comes to running in the cold. Which doesn't make sense, but oh well. I plan on running it tomorrow morning around 10AM, before my exam at 1. Wish me luck!

Oh wait, no one probably reads this :)

Run on!

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