Friday, January 23, 2009

Forgot to Post Yesterday..

Yesterday (Thursday) it was 50 degrees outside! I was scheduled to run 3 miles and when I got out of lab at 3:00 I headed outside. I ran from school 1.6 miles (guesstimated wrongly), turned around and headed back. It was gorgeous out and the run was awesome. I completed the run (including 2 stoplights I waited at forgetting to turn my watch off) in 29:33. It was quick and my calves were killing me. I jogged the warmup but walked the cool down. I stretched the crap out of my legs, iced my calves and felt better. Then I went to write down my time on my poster of scheduled runs and realized I was supposed to run 2 miles. Instead I ran 3.2! I was excited, because I didn't get bored at all. And today, it's snowing. Blast Nebraska and its rollercoaster weather!

Back has been just fine, just the occasional zinger. I threw my SI a little off whack but it hasn't bothered me too bad. Le sigh.

Calves were still SOOOO SORE today, stretched as much as I could and I am so glad I have a couple days before my next scheduled run.

See y'all on Sunday! Run on!

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