Tuesday, February 17, 2009

GLORIOUS weather

Today I woke up for the second day in a row with an insane head cold. But after 8-4 at school sitting on my butt in lecture, I forced myself outside. We had 45 degrees here in Omaha, so I headed out to run my scheduled 2 miler. I wore my capri length tights and a light weight fleece and I got a little warm! Not enough to take the fleece off, but I did remove my thumbs from the thumb holes in the sleeves. Anyhoo, it was a great run. Hilly (that's Omaha running for you) and there was a 3 block stretch there where the lovely residents didn't shovel their sidewalk (even tho the blizzard was Friday!) so I had to slush through it and come home with wet socks but overall, it was enjoyable.

If this head cold / sinus infection doesn't knock it off, I'm gonna get pissed. Arrgh! I've got a 5 mile speed workout Thursday and 6 miles Sunday - I think I'm going to go to Lake Zorinsky for that one.

How's everyone else's running going?

Run on!


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Kim said...

It's great to get out in nice weather in February. Glad you had a good run. Good luck on your runs the rest of the week.