Thursday, February 19, 2009

kleenexes, affrin, tylenol, etc.

Here I am!

Ok, so this isn't actually me, but this represents me. Today I was scheduled for my first speed workout and I cannot breathe through my nose. I can barely speak and I'm coughing a lot. This is my third sinus infection this winter! Second year is the craziest year in school and so I got a flu shot thinking my immune system would likely compromised severely most of the cold & flu season. Well, I haven't gotten the flu, but my sinuses have taken the brunt of my broken immune system.

I will try tomorrow. I have SIM man lab (remember the simulation patients on Grey's Anatomy? "How did you pass your intern exam!?" yeah that thing) tomorrow but nothing else, so I'm going to attempt running the 5 miles, even if I don't get the actual speed work in there.

Weather should be up in the 40s for Sunday's long run! Woo!

Run on!

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