Thursday, February 5, 2009


So I haven't updated all week. I blame the busyness factor. Neuro exam on Tuesday, class and student senate and dinner and laundry all day yesterday and class, baby shower and a nap today.

Regardless, I have been doing decent on the running. Don't remember when I last posted and too lazy to check, I'll just go ahead and start with Monday.

Monday: 3 mi on the treadmill at lunch. It was freezing here. Calves were a little sore, but warmed up about a mile in. This run was a make-up from last week.
Tuesday: quick 2 mi on the treadmill after my neuro exam. felt okay, kicked my own butt. I ran a fast first mile and picked it up for the second mile. Oh, how I paid for that one... I also put in reps on the hip abduction machine. I got in trouble in taping lab on Monday.
Wednesday: yesterday I had 4 mi to do on the treadmill (still wasn't warm enough). It was so hard. Nearing the second mile I wanted nothing more than to give up and get off the machine. But I forced myself to continue, slowing down to a jog for the last couple miles. My shins were hurting pretty bad and I was unable to get in the groove. I felt sluggish the whole way.

I checked into the online sports bras. The Title9 one is SO EXPENSIVE ($60 so it is for me anyway) and the SportJock one doesn't ship to America. Sadface. Regardless, it runs about the same (about $54) so I'm going to head to Scheels tomorrow and see what they have. I know I keep saying I'm going to go check them out and then I don't go, but this time I have to go shopping for my trip to Vegas next week so I am definitely going. I will probably go with a C-WX again, but I'm going to see what else they have.

Reports to come!


Jenn said...

Hello! Thanks so much for posting on this subject! I am also very top-heavy and I tend to shy away from jogging even though I usually enjoy it. I ran my first 5k this year. I desperately need a new sports bra. I've been getting by with the same Moving Comfort bra I've had for years. It needs to be replaced. Let me know how you like the Title 9. I look forward to your updates!

Meg said...

You're welcome Jenn! I will probably not get the Title9 for awhile (I just paid tuition), but I can tell you that the CW-X line is pretty good. I linked to the whole page, but I wear the lilac one, third row all the way to the left. It's called Firm Support. It squashes them down with minimal bounce. I have a little problem with spillage, but it does such a good job preventing the bouncing that I put up with it. Also, you can buy it at Scheels, which is super convenient.

Congrats on the 5K! Good luck on anything you have coming up and it was good to hear from you!