Friday, March 20, 2009

Another beauty of a day!

I really wanted to post pictures in this blog, but I've got pretty much nothing, so I put up this pretty picture of downtown Omaha which I found on Google. I'm going to put up a couple from Patty's Day, but I'll put that in the other blog. Today I went running in the glorious weather! We had high 50s and sun, with moderate wind. I had a speed workout, which was terrible! It wasn't too bad I guess, it was just hard to run into the wind like that. 

I tried on a new sports bra today at a shop in town that is closing (Intima). I even got sized! Are you ready for this? 34DDDD/36DDD. EEEK!! I know, enormous. Anyway, the sports bra did not fit, it was too big around and she didn't have any 34s in my size. Also, it didn't reduce the bounce enough. I never buy anything that doesn't reduce the bounce as much as my CW-X. If I was a short distance runner, maybe. However, I am not and so I must be picky.

Better be off, it's a busy day tomorrow! Gotta catch up on my homework. I'm hopeless.

Run on!

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