Sunday, March 29, 2009


Hey y'all!

Got my shins in order (FINALLY!!) and headed out for a long run today (LSD being long slow distance :) ). Did 8 miles in the hilliest city I have ever lived. Yay Omaha! I felt sooo good though. I listened to RHCP the whole time and it went super well. Knees are achy and calves are sore now but not painful so I'm pleased. 

Hey Kim- Sorry your race was cancelled. Did you get a ton of snow?

My kitten is chasing the letters as they are typed and I can barely see my entry so I think that's about it for the evening. Oh, there he almost fell off my desk. Saved him. He's back staring at the words as they appear on the screen. He chases the mouse also.

Have a great week everyone! Run on!

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Kim said...

Whoo Hoo for no pain!

We did get ice and about 5 inches of they did the right thing in cancelling. It could have been a mess!

They reschduled the half for this week-but didn't reschedule the full-so now I'm a marathon behind for the year. I'll catch up sometime!