Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Great Day!!

Today has been an excellent day for me, running wise. First off, I came home and not only did my Just Finish shirt come, but my Garmin 305 came (granted no one was here to sign for it so I won't actually get it till tomorrow)!! Then, I ran 5 excellent miles on the treadmill, which I had been dreading all's supposed to be warm by this weekend and I hate running on the treadmill. However, I was the only person in there so I got to turn on Scrubs and watch TV, which made the run go by really fast. I came home from that and decided that since it's day one of my marathon training for Seattle I am going to sign up today. Start right at the beginning. Hopefully, this will help me maintain my motivation!!

Yay for a good day!

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So in training terms, my training for the half is going to change a little, but it won't be too bad. I am running something like twice a week instead of 3 times with a bunch more cross training.

Today: 5 miles on the treadmill. Hips were sore (rode 7 miles on my bike last week) and my back felt a little strained toward the end but I just haven't done a lot since I was so sick. I was sick again last weekend and had so much crap to do this week that today was the first day I had time to work out. Luckily today was the actual scheduled day for my run so that was good.

Okay...the server had too many people registering so I'm off to try again. Woo! Marathon time!

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Kim said...

What a great day!

We're running RNR Seattle too.