Wednesday, April 15, 2009

new brrrrra!

So I ordered TWO of the Maidenform bras (highest level of support, black). I will let you know how they work when I get them. I really hope they are as great as they sound considering I ordered two.

Running has been on the back burner a little as school has me completely swamped. Tomorrow I'm done at 10:00 (one class!) so I am hoping to get out and do about 4 miles. I'm also planning on riding my bike to school, which should be awesome.

Also, due to financials, I will not be running the Lincoln Half Marathon. I could be ready, but I can't afford the registration cost, especially since I needed to get a couple new sports bras. Oh, and I have to buy a new car here in the next few weeks. I will be running in Seattle for sure though, so the training will continue.

Run on, y'all!

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Kim said...

Whoo Hoo for new bras. Keep us posted on how you like them.