Monday, April 27, 2009

Long Run @ Zorinsky

I snapped this puppy from the top of the dam about 9 miles in (hence the finger covering part of the bottom - I was tired!)

temperature beginning of run: 50F
distance: 11 mi
deer seen: 2
times nose blown in last 4 miles: 10
potty breaks: 1
water breaks: 1
chafing: amazingly little. tiny actual chafe marks where clasps of bra are in the back, reddening (but not actual chafing) in U shape on front (representing top edge of sports bra)
bounce: moderate. I probably should have put it on the next tightest clasp
pains: slight knee pain 3 mi in (disappeared within a mile), horrible stomach ache (secondary to draining sinuses) 7 mi in
times of near vomiting: 5 (all within last 4 miles)
tune-age: first 45 minutes = I listened to a podcast recommended to me by Kevin Green from Just Finish called "Dirt Dawg's Rambling Diatribe Podcast" by an ultrarunner in Michigan. He tapes himself running, interviews other racers, tapes his wife (interview-style or when they run together) who I understand may or may not herself be a top heavy runner!! etc. It was an enjoyable podcast (I listened to episode 11) and I hear episode 10 is hilarious. I think his wife talks about boobs on it a lot, so a MUST for us girls to check out. Anyway he blogs here at blogspot also, with his podcasts linked to his blog. After that was over, I listened to a BPM playlist I created with the help of It was a mix of the songs off their 160-190 Alternative list that I had on my iTunes already. I had 44 of the songs and made it through about half. It was pretty enjoyable.
temperature after run: 47F

Overall, an okay run. It was cooler and breezy leading to me having a really bad runny nose and highly draining sinuses. This sucked. At 7 mi in, when I came back around by my car, I stopped for kleenexes and a drink of water. This pit stop was just enough of a stop to get my stomach turning. The last 4 miles SUCKED. My stomach threatened to keel over the entire time. I had to blow my nose (full on blow w/ new kleenex) every half mile, with partial blows/snot wipe ups (this is an attractive entry) about every quarter. Oh well. I almost turned back and made it an 8 mile run, but I forced myself to stick it out. I thought of Jaclyn and our race and how I can't quit now, I had to just finish the damn thing! And I did it. I had to walk a bunch because I thought I was going to throw up, but I never walked for more than a quarter at a time. Go me!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great week. I am on my LAST week of spring semester! Woo! I have a bunch of misc stuff to go to tomorrow (meetings, honors convocation for the graduating seniors) and a final Wednesday morning at 9 and Thursday morning at 8 and then I'm done! I will be heading to Lincoln Saturday morning to cheer on my friends who are running it (Kristin, Micki, and Kim). I'm going to make a silly sign. Speaking of, Kim when you find out your bib number let me know, and I'll keep an eye open for you!

Run on!

p.s. Jude stepped on the keyboard about halfway through this post and is currently sleeping on the right edge of it, so I apologize here for any typos. I am too lazy to reread it before posting! :D


Megan Hall said...

Hi! I'm another top-heavy runner who reviews bras (and doesn't run as much as she should) so I'm looking forward to connecting with you and seeing what works for you.

dirtdawg50k said...

Hey thanks for listening. Feedback is always welcomed. Perhaps you could recommend a comfortable bra for Dirrty Girl to eliminate "boob chafing". Forget the kleenex....just let the snot rockets go.