Saturday, April 4, 2009


Every time school gets crazy, my running gets sporadic. This week was one of those weeks. I put in 3 today on the treadmill since nature decided to hail on us this morning. I didn't want to take any chances, so I pushed my 9 miler to tomorrow and ran a quick 3 on the treadmill. My stomach hurt so I didn't make it any further than those 3.

My sister was telling me about a new site she saw in Shape for bras for "huge boobs" (her words not mine) called the Lilyette in Motion Active Motion bra. It's apparently only $38 and you can find it at Third link on the top right is for the Lilyette in Motion Sports Bras. It looks like they have three levels - 1: GentleMotion, 2: ActiveMotion (the one my sister was talking about I assume), and 3: PowerMotion. The website also features regular bras, panties, shapewear, swimsuits and accessories. They also have a bra finder. I did some exploring and this is what I found:

Level 1: GentleMotion - softcup ($16.99) or underwire ($16.99), white or beige, 36B - 40DD, fabric content: Body: 75% Nylon, 25% Elastane. I'm not going to go into too much detail, as this bra won't work for me. But it does sound like a pretty good bra with comfort, seamless and moisture wicking fabric.

Level 2: ActiveMotion - softcup ($30.00) 34B-40DD or underwire ($30.00) 34B-42DDD, white w/ gray. According to the site, this bra is recommended for "mid-level sports including biking, golfing and weight training." It has wicking fabric, breathability, wide shoulder straps and there's something about "fold over binding" for comfort and clean aesthetics but I don't know how beneficial that is.

Level 3: PowerMotion - again available in a softcup (34B-40DD) or underwire (34C-40DDD - sizes are slightly more limited) version. Both are $32.00 and are available in black or white w/ gray. This one has much of the same fabric elements as before for wicking and comfort while also using compression and encapsulation for support. I think the shoulder straps are adjustable but I'm not sure. This bra is recommended for "more intense activities including running, soccer, spinning and other aerobics."

Now, I've never run in a bra with underwire before (if you don't count the occasional sprint to the car during a downpour) but it seems like the only option for me, size wise. Also, I would have to go with a 36DDD because they don't have any 34DDDD sizes. God, that's a lotta Ds. Anyway, because I am a runner I would be inclined to try the Level 3. However, I would also consider a Level 2 to wear when biking. If I am not running and don't need to control the bounce as much, it is very uncomfortable to wear a compression bra for long periods of time. And to think, in junior high I wore a sports bra to school EVERY DAY! Ahh, to have those smaller breasts now...but I digress. I am seriously considering trying out this bra. I will keep you updated.

Oh, and the bra finder is actually a pretty good way to find things on the site. You can choose your category (bras, panties, accessories, camisoles, body briefers, swimwear), styles, panty types, bra sizes, and 6 more options (color, brands, materials, price, etc). It's very useful.

Anyway, the weather out here is whacked out. We are currently have a winter storm warning and a wind advisory. York, NE (about 100 miles west of here) has a tornado warning. wtf? The midwest is a crazy place. You should see the insano radar. Well, here's hoping that this blows through tonight so I can run outside tomorrow!

Run on!

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