Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Runner's High

Well, I can give you empirical proof of said runner's high: 8.6 mi into my 9 mi run, feeling GREAT but need a fast song on the pod to get me through the remaining distance. Reach down, unlock the pod, press the > button and the thing freezes. FREEZES!!! I have a first generation iPod nano that is ancient and I can't believe that it still hangs around. It has done this once before, but seriously! Could the timing BE any worse (mad props if you can tell me what that statement reminds them of)???

As you can see, the high that I was running on immediately following the run pushed this from my mind and I didn't even mention it! I didn't even remember until just now, 2+ hours after I got home from the run. Amazing. Or, not. Giving it a couple days (I've got elliptical Wed and a short 4 mi run on Thurs) and then if it still isn't working, I guess I'll have to go invest in a shuffle. They're only about $50 and they clip on! I've kinda wanted one anyway...

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