Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Quick Update...

Amidst studying JRA, I remembered I haven't posted much lately. I did 5 miles on Wednesday (bra was okay - Garmin died and I tried taking off my heart monitor and noticed the clasps on the bra were kind of itchy without it there blocking) and have been racking up the XT lately. I was scheduled to do my long run today but we have been having thunderstorms up the wazoo here in the Midwest and I didn't want to get pummeled by hail or hit by lightning so I put it off until tomorrow. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be a soft rain, which will be really nice.

And to finally relate my remembering to JRA, Friday was Reese's Run (well, bike for me) and I hope everyone had a chance to donate and/or participate. I completely forgot to email the girls, but I'll do that quick after I post this.

Have a great week! I know I will as it is my last week of class for the semester! I have a week off and then I head to Minnesota for summer semester of clinic. I'll be working at a community hospital in a small town and spending most of my time running and reading (no internet or cable television!).

Run on!

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