Saturday, May 2, 2009 the city!

Hello everyone! I am on summer break! Well, for 1 week I am. I had my last final on Thursday and we have had craptastic weather the last couple of days so I spent my workouts on the bike. Did some riding Thursday around Omaha with really no purpose and then rode to UNO to meet my buddy Mike yesterday. He lent me his smaller camera bag to take with me tomorrow to Lincoln. Since I am unable to afford the race myself this year yet have multiple friends running in it, the plan is to go on bike with a couple of my friends and try to get some good race shots. It will all depend on if my friend Katja got her neck brace off yesterday and I'm still waiting to find that out. Otherwise it will be a walking/running venture for us to try and get to places to see our friends.
EDIT (kinda. I haven't published yet, but I don't want to delete and retype those last couple of sentences): Katja just texted me and the brace is off! She isn't supposed to run or ride for 4 weeks, but if we're careful and we do all the looking around for her, she should be fine so we're a go on bikes! Woo! I do, however, need to figure out how to put my bike rack on my car. I got a bike rack last summer that fit on my Saturn Ion and I was lucky enough that it fits on my new car, which is an SUV. How it fits on there, I have no idea. But I will try to figure it out today. At least, until I lose my patience, and then I'll probably just run to the Trek store down the street and have them help me.

Anyway! I come to you not from my regular blogging location:

I normally like to blog from my desk because a) it's where I plug in the Garmin and I'm already sitting there and b) I'm lazy. Anyhoo, since today is such a gorgeous day, I thought I would blog from my porch!

I have this awesome porch off of my bedroom that gets shade and sun about this time of day so I am sitting here with my legs in the sun and computer in the shade, chugging water and enjoying the breeze. God, I love summer!

Today I got up at 9:30 and headed out for 7 miles. I left close to 10 and about half a mile in, ran into my brother. He was trying to sell his accounting book back after his final this morning. The bookstore was closed - FAIL. He'll just have to try again later. The run was great. I ran down Pacific, through Elmwood Park, around Memorial Park twice and back. It ended up being about 7.07 when I stopped to walk the last three blocks or so to get my heart rate down. My foot has been feeling a little sore lately, but not painful (knock on wood). I'm going to keep trying to stretch it out a bunch and ice it and hopefully it will feel better. I wore the Maidenform again, which was fine. I fastened it on the second tightest eye hook and I think the bounce was minimized. It is kind of hard to tell because I think my heart rate monitor kind of screws things up; the underwire doesn't site right on my ribcage. I only thought about bounce once during the whole run though, so something is working. The pre-shower "chafe check" came up with much of the same as before: slight reddening in a U shape and that's pretty much it. I'm VERY impressed with this bra.

I listened to DirtDawg's 9th and 10th podcast and his wife (DirrtyGirl) was wondering about a forum of sorts for bra reviews. So I want to put a call out to every chick out there that reads this (and tell your running girlfriends) - tell us about the bras that you/they run in. If you have any stories, reviews, whatever, PLEASE email me ( and tell me about it! I will feature any entries in blog posts (let me know if you want to be anonymous or credited) as soon as I get the email. This blog is small and kind of just starting, but why not make it something that could end up being great! So bring on the bra stories! And you don't have to be a "top heavy" (or front heavy ha!) runner, either. All posts will be labeled as bra reviews/stories so they can be easily searched on google.


So I had a minor run in with a vampire this morning:

Just kidding, I cut myself shaving, which I haven't done in forever, then when I bent my knee to put on my undies, it looked like two vampire bites!
EDIT2: I just realized that looks like I mean I haven't shaved in forever. I mean I haven't cut myself shaving in forever! haha

So I fixed it with 2 SpongeBob bandaids. Success!

I leave in a week for Minnesota where I will not have immediate internet access. I will hopefully be able to access the web from the hospital and will try to update as much as possible from there, probably at lunch. I will be there during the inaugural Stillwater Marathon, which I might drive over to watch and photograph, and will be in a small town. Lots of miles will get put on the sneaks and bike and hopefully I will learn a lot! I'm looking forward to just chilling out and having a little time away. Oh, and running in a new place!

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