Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lincoln Half/Full Marathon

Today was the Lincoln Marathon. Congrats to ALL runners! I had a blast watching everyone run and it made me want to run SO BAD! My foot is still bothering me a little, but I am going to try to do a couple miles this afternoon. I'm going to try to do 13 tomorrow so I might just ride the bike today. Anyhoo! We stood about half a mile from the finish line so we saw it all. Happy people, runners who were grateful it was about over, and people who were really struggling. Here are a couple shots from the day!

These two ran 13.1 miles in Star Wars outfits. Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper. It was incredible. Darth was pretty tired. Granted, he was wearing black.

This is my friend Josh. He decided out of the blue one day to run a half marathon and he did it in under 2 hours!

I wonder how many miles this guy has put in over the course of his lifetime?

This is my friend Cody. He's about to graduate from PA school. About 10 minutes before him, we saw his double. I think it was his brother.

I love the airborne shot!

My friend Kristin! It's always good to see people with high spirits late in the race.

Again, this dude is so happy!

I didn't see everyone that I knew were running, but I saw a bunch of people. Congrats to Kristin, Josh, Kim, Micki, Alicia, Andrea, Ellen, Kenzie, and all the others who made it! GREAT JOB!!!

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Kim said...

Thanks! Sorry we missed each other! The support out on the course was amazing. Thanks!