Sunday, May 3, 2009

sister love

My sister, Maren, and I went out for a quick jog this afternoon. It is cloudy and 70˚F and the humidity is at 27% (according to but it feels pretty muggy out). The cloud cover helped a lot.

I tried wearing my HRM below my bra to see if that helped reduce my bounce any, but then it wasn't picking up my HR so I gave up on it. The bounce wasn't too bad. I'm on the second clasp again and I'm thinking I'll need to machine wash (not hand wash) these puppies on gentle to get them to shrink a little. They didn't come with wash instructions, but since they have underwire, I have been taking it pretty easy with them.

We ran west down Pacific from our apartment (basically 78th St), which is the sucky way. I listened to an indie music podcast, which was a series of songs at different BPMs. I'm still not sold on the BPM-song thing. My 305's BPM numbers are so small I can't really watch to see if I stay with the song (or whatever) anyway, so I don't really worry about that so much. My foot felt pretty good the way out and got a little tired on the way back, but painless. I think it was worst on the way back because my left foot (the bad one) slants down & out based on the slant of the sidewalk. Either way, I have iced twice today and am about to ice again after I stretch. I better get to stretching, or it won't get done. Then, I think I'll have a lean cuisine pizza for dinner. yum!

Run on!

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