Monday, May 4, 2009

rest day

I decided to take a rest week. I haven't had one in awhile, and haven't had a good one at all during my training, so I took today off. I did 4.5 mi yesterday and 7.07 mi the day before and my foot has been really bugging me. Since my foot hasn't been hurting much during my run, just after, I took a look at my shoes. They are worn out! I bought them in October, and they probably only have about 250-300 mi on them, but that was enough. I bought the new model:

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 5

I am going to start to wean into them, using my old shoes on my shorter to mid length runs and the new ones on my long runs. These are GREAT shoes and work wonderfully right out of the box. Anyway, I'm going to hit the elliptical later tonight and do some strength training.

I went golfing today! I was going to bring my 305 and record how much we walked since we weren't going to use carts but I definitely forgot it. So anyway, we walked 9 holes and it was really fun. I suck at golf, but it was a beautiful day for it. I'll just count that as cross training!


Megan Hall said...

Golf is definitely cross-training! Especially if you're anything like me - I generally take 3 swings just for one hit. And that's at the driving range. And I wonder why they'll never let me actually on the course, and I have to content myself with Wii Golf.

Ashley said...

Hi Meg! Found my way over from justfinish. Good blog! :)