Saturday, May 16, 2009

Litchfield, MN

Well, I made it to Litchfield last Saturday mid afternoon. There is NO internet and NO television to speak of in my 1970s
sorority house-eske dorm. So, that is why I haven't been around much.

Monday, I spent the first 2 hours seeing inpatients and a couple outpatients. The next 3 hours I spent on my feet in surgery. The rest of the day was a flurry of patients. I had five 9 hour days on my feet this week. I couldn't run the first 3 or so days because my feet hurt so bad. I did workout videos but it wasn't enough. Finally, Wednesday, I decided to brave the ridiculous winds and ran 3.5 miles. Thursday I did 3+, I ran 30 minutes. I had to do some walking because my iPod decided to have a mind of its own, but it was gorgeous out and I buzzed through the rest of the time. I ran down the main road in town to Lake Ripley and ran alongside it. Worst part? Giant swarms of gnats. Otherwise, a great place to run.

Friday, I worked 8-6 and then drove up to Fargo. Went out last night with the boys:

L to R: Chris (my cousin), Ando, Me, Random Guy from the hotel, Wilkie, and Fetzer. This picture is actually from when we went to see Metallica in Omaha back last fall. However, all of these guys except the random guy were out last night. Fetzer is my cousin's roommate and he drove us home. How nice!

Got wastey, drunk tweeted my running friend Mark, slow dance to Lonestar like it was 2002 with a very nice guy who wanted to arm wrestle me, outdrank my cousin, and ate three bites of my Perkins. All in all, a fun night. Today, I had quite the hangover, so I didn't do much. Slept most of the day off and on, watched the Twins blow it against the Yankees again (shut up Mark & Cody) and am planning on taking Sage out for a walk/run later. Tomorrow, I'm going to do 14-15 in the morning and head out to the lake to get the cabin ready for summer.

Due to my lack of internets, I will probably only post about once a week. However, I will try to post to daily mile when I can - though it usually only lets me do 3 entries at a time (I have internet through my cell phone, which means DIAL UP!) ick.

Good luck everyone!
Run on!

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